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You probably right about performance but I could not find actual study on this. I just saw that some plugins compagnies that had pixel based VST UI switch to vector based VST UI. The downside may not be as hard as we think :P (you can read this documentation about MeldaProductions PLugin STyle editor to find infos about how their UI work)

Actually vector based are not meant to replace realistic textures. It would be for flat, shaded, gradient design only of course. ANd I guess we can imagine an hybrid system, with some vector-based UI elements, and some other in PNG if needed.

As you said, Pixels with no pink lines are scalabes in WALTER.
So why vector ?
To avoid this.
(be sure your browser doesn't scale the picture).

As you can see, when buttons are up scaled, they become very pixelated. More, even the Text button became pixelated (whereas they are not PNG based), because the rasterization come before the scaling.

@Swamp Ape
Good point !
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