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Originally Posted by vincentoliver View Post

EDIT: actually, may I asků where are 3D music mixes used? Is there a market for them right now?
I've been into surround sound now since the early 80s and Ambisonics is a natural progression for me. It isn't really about the market for me but more the fact that I love it.
One of the big benefits to mixing in Ambisonic format is that downmixes to other formats such as 5.1, stereo, mono and even Dolby Atoms (more of a sidemix than downmix in this example) are simply a matter of using the appropriate decoder.
I've found that even stereo mixes sound significantly better when derived from the Ambisonic mix than if I started in stereo to begin with. Same thing with 5.1. There's a much better image than using traditional panning techniques.
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