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Originally Posted by Bevosss View Post
Nice impovement! It's great to have some more ideas here, the logic will surely flow...thanks!...
My logic for editing is based off of, "Think the thought, and the action is done." Now I dont think that is gonna happen any time soon with the current evolution of man. But we can aim to get close. Something more like, "the shortest distance(or minimal amount of actions) between the thought , and the final result you're trying to achieve". That's probably a little more workable.

When it comes to editing, I'm not a fan of Tools, Multi-Tools, Tooless or Right click menu etc approaches. They're all still very slow compared to shortcuts. It is very painful to watch someone on my PT rig mousing around with the mouse selecting Tools etc, when the action they were trying to do could have been done 5 minutes ago with a shortcut.

Example 1:

Thought: I need to create a fade. Action: move mouse up to selector tool, click selector tool, move mouse down to region, click before region starts, drag mouse right for desired length, release mouse button, move mouse up to edit menu, click edit menu, drag mouse down to "Fades", move mouse over to submenu, hover mouse over, "create fade", click mouse, a Fades window will open, make about 10 more mouse and click moves for desired fade, click, "ok", your fade is now done. Move to your next edit. This is extreme and every DAW and approach is different thanks.

Example 2:

Thought I need to create a fade. Action: Move mouse to beginning of region(item), move mouse around until the Fade Tool appears, realize you need to zoom in a bit more to get this more accurate, move scroll wheel to zoom in, painfully move the mouse around at the start of the region(item) until the Fade Tool appears, click mouse button, drag mouse to the right for desired length, release mouse button. Done. Move to your next edit. A bit faster thanks, still to slow.

Example 3:

Thought: I need to create a fade. Action: Hover mouse over the area you would like the fade, hit shortcut key. Done. Move to your next edit. I'll take this approach thank you. And if we can make it faster, let me know.

The "R" in "REAPER" stands for "Rapid". Let's make it so. We need more speed editing macros. Bring it on.

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