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Default Band CD Macro

OK here's one, it's ridiculously simple, two commands only, but boy do I find it useful.

So you've got a band/solo artist/ whatever to record.

You create a project file for their first song. You use track templates to insert (for example) a vocal track with FX plugins with presets (all set to bypass), guitar tracks with plugins all set to bypass for now, drum tracks, etc according to the makup of the group.

Before recording your first song, you organise anything that needs organising into folders and save.

You arm all tracks for recording and select the appropriate inputs. Save again.

All ready to go!

But before I do, I run my "\" macro. Just two commands:

Track: Select all tracks
Track: Save selected tracks as track template

I'm prompted for a name, I give it the band name, then Save.

So then for every new song to be recorded:

1. Create new empty project.
2. Insert track from template - select band name

Hey presto!

Very, very simple, not nearly as clever as Art's or Bevosss's power macros.

But still pretty darned handy!
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