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I understand you think that anybody, looking for some explanation or advice about something, should perform some in depth net searches, even years backwards and then, ONLY after those searches have proved unsuccessful, post a message in a place involving the EXACT matter he is interested in.

Maybe you are right, but I'm afraid that approach is very unlikely. I know that in Internet forums there are needs (often also ... money related) to maintain a strict separation between different topics (even when they are quite similar to each other), but that aim collides with the natural way in which people usually interact, often "jumping" from something to something else just following the spontaneous progress of the dialogue.

So I think that directives (and reproaches) should above all concern good manners, mutual respect, the lack of offensive languages and so on.
In this particular case, moreover, it seems to me that the "off topic", assuming that there actually was one, was really slight (and also quite short, after all). :]
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