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Originally Posted by pljones View Post
1 - Yes, you'll hear yourself immediately playing alongside the other players. No, it won't be what they're playing at the same time as you ... You hear what you play ONCE, IMMEDIATELY you play it.
This is exactly the point where I... get lost.

Let's say I play a note A while I hear the notes B and C played by other two players. I play my note NOW (and I hear it immediately, only once, only now) but the others are not playing their notes now, at the same time as me. This means, I understand, that those notes B and C have been played before and it means also that the other two players, while playing (and immediately hearing, only once) those notes of theirs, did NOT hear my note A, because at that moment, obviously, I hadn't played it yet. I will play my note A some time after they have played their notes B and C and they will hear my note A after a further delay, when they will play something else alongside my note A.
So I'm the only one who will hear all the three notes A, B and C at the same time, together. And the same, consequently, also applies to the other two players.

Does that mean that every one of us will be listening to a... different music, a different combination of notes (and chords and so on)?
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