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Originally Posted by pljones View Post
I answered them earlier, didn't I?
Well, may be you answered indirectly, however three direct answers would have been more explicit.
I can try to figure them out myself:

1] But will I hear immediately ALSO the other players? NO
2] WHEN will THEY hear what I'm playing (and hearing immediately)? LATER, after several seconds.

3] Supposing I play a certain sequence of notes, will I hear it only ONCE (the moment I play it) or will I hear it also ANOTHER time, some seconds later, coming from the net? Another time, several seconds later

So, if I got those answers right, my doubts are confirmed, because it actually is a very... peculiar "playing", quite far from what is normally meant.
Undoubtedly useful and even pleasant for certain tasks, but definitely much less suitable for simple "jamming" and improvising together or, also, for rehearsing songs with prefixed chord changes, rhythm changes, solo parts and so on. :]
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