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Originally Posted by ultraleetj View Post
And yes, true that some people that go on a jam have no idea how it works, but apparently, they do enjoy it even more than those who over-struggle to Analise the system, and that is all there is to it, so you can say that the program fulfills its purpose.
Let me say, however, that a musician who does not notice a ten seconds delay between playing a note and hearing it must have quite... peculiar habits and feelings about playing. Perfectly legitimate and respectable, without a doubt, but also quite peculiar.

If you are hearing things muffled, i think there are bad miking techniques, or monitors aren't really the better option, or there is a configuration error somewhere, too.
I used the term "muffled" referring to the "acoustic" sound that comes from your instrument at the very moment you play it, especially it it's an acoustic or semi-acoustic instrument (saxophone, drumset...).
That sound often comes somehow "cut" because you're wearing headphones. Anyway, while you hear high quality (but delayed) sounds coming from the net through headphones or speakers, you can't help hearing ALSO the real-time sound (lower, weaker, "muffled" or whatever) coming directly from your instrument. :]
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