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oh, I would have something that is live and not in realtime, rather than not have it at all, or have a badly working realtime system that pretends to solve it all once and for all, as your other claims and reviews from the other competitors do.
And yes, true that some people that go on a jam have no idea how it works, but apparently, they do enjoy it even more than those who over-struggle to Analise the system, and that is all there is to it, so you can say that the program fulfills its purpose.
If you are hearing things muffled, i think there are bad miking techniques, or monitors aren't really the better option, or there is a configuration error somewhere, too. I wonder why people do not talk about their pristine audio quality like this when they find a dvd of their favorite artist posted on youtube, who does massacre the audio in terrible ways no matter if your video is 20k? but anyway
Some other thing I found that really helps when jamming in this distinct way is that the click can be used in all sort of ways, so you can have it be the beat one of every 6-8 bar for instance and do these kinds of blues which are ternary.
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