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Originally Posted by pljones View Post
It's just another way of making music together.
Totally agree with that. Another way.
Another one, amongst the countless possible ways of "making music".
A way located somewhere between working separately on received/sent material and playing or improvising "together" (in the same room OR in "well" connected distant rooms).
But different and distinct from both.
Not to mention the (even more) countless ways in which we can define "music"...

I often get the feeling, when reading "reviews" and articles and posts about NinJam (and JamTaba), that such a difference is not so clearly described (and, consequently, perceived, understood). Sometimes, indeed, I've had the suspect that many people, also amongst those who explain and describe, don't exactly know how the system works. Maybe just because they are not actual players or because they didn't try the system for themselves. At times, to be honest, I have the feeling that even some users, maybe due to the kind of music they like and play, fully enjoy the system without realizing they are not actually playing in real time.
All of which can easily lead, in my opinion, to misunderstandings. :]
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