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Originally Posted by pljones View Post
So it is live jamming, creating music together in a shared space...
Well, obviously the meaning of words and phrases can be quite... flexible and sometimes, especially when talking about personal feelings and sensations, a single RIGHT meaning can not be found.

From my point of view, jamming together or playing together is quite different from "creating music together".
We can perfectly create music together even if I send to you a wav file today and then next week you send it back to me after adding something to it.
If we consider NinJam as something like that, with tenths of seconds instead of days or weeks, then the subject takes a different turn, which for me has much more the flavour of working together, of collaborating, than that of "jamming together".

I think this is a quite interesting "ground" on which to share opinions and experiences. That's why I posted my previous message also as a new thread in the forum.
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