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It certainly is possible. I've run into it in the past, and there are some preamps that are kind of notorious. In some cases it's almost like flipping a switch when you get up above a certain point on the knob. It depends on the circuit design and exactly where the gain knob is compared to the real source of the noise.

Like I said, though, it's easy enough to test. In my experience, though, with most pres recording most things for most types of productions, the difference between tracking at -30 and -18 isn't enough to almost even be worth the time to turn the knob.

In the fit I use for my live bands, consistency is the most important thing. I need to plug the same Mic in the same hole today as I did yesterday and know if has the same amount of gain. The only place on my gain knobs that can know that for sure is all the way down. The vocal mics I use are usually a bit hotter than like an SM58, but not super hot dynamics. I room/stage noise swamps any difference in electronic noise.

I know it's there, though, because I've done tests, and when things get extreme, it gets noticeable. A guitar through a passive DI and into a highish gains amp sim will sometimes show the difference. In the studio I do adjust the gain, but I always set it based on peak levels, and usually pretty conservatively.

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