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Originally Posted by Kenny Gioia View Post
While I could be wrong, I have an incredibly hard time believing that any mic pre made today actually gets noisier the louder you raise the gain. Sure. You're bringing up noise, but you're also bringing up the signal. So nothing is being fixed by lowering your mic preamp. And if it's too low, you will lose some resolution but the bigger point here is that I simply don't believe that the preamp in question has a better S/N ration when it's hitting the DAW at -30dB or lower. Doesn't make sense. If you want less noise, sing louder. LOL
You're right.

Divided very roughly, there are two large groups of design.

The first is high gain, sometimes older and made for dynamic and ribbon mics. These have more noise at low gain.

The second is medium gain, for the latest condensor mics, with high output and will show considerably more noise at high gain.

A rare few solve this problem by having multiple gain stages, switched in when needed. That's the higher end of the market and they also might have switchable impedance.

Making a good preamp is very simple. Making a universal preamp is next to impossible.
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