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Originally Posted by Kenny Gioia View Post
While there is a lot of great and correct info in this thread, one very important thing seems to be overlooked. It was mentioned but not highlighted enough.

While I could be wrong, I have an incredibly hard time believing that any mic pre made today actually gets noisier the louder you raise the gain. Sure. You're bringing up noise, but you're also bringing up the signal. So nothing is being fixed by lowering your mic preamp. And if it's too low, you will lose some resolution but the bigger point here is that I simply don't believe that the preamp in question has a better S/N ration when it's hitting the DAW at -30dB or lower. Doesn't make sense. If you want less noise, sing louder. LOL
I don't know about this Kenny.
My past experience tells me that mic pre's introduce more noise as you get closer to 100% full gain.
I could be totally wrong with this assumption, but that would mean many decades years of deluded beliefs < very possible.

EG: a (non digital) guitar amp, there is little noise at a medium loud setting, then wind up the gain to full and the noise very much increases.

Would be good if a much more tech person could chime in on this:
Does signal to noise ratio increase the more gain that is added to an amplifier ? (analog)
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