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Originally Posted by fred garvin View Post
@Coachz: Yah, I'm really looking forward to 16 GB RAM. Had 8 and although it was within the rec of the software I want to run (Soundtank 3) it was indeed no bueno. Never heard of 12, how does that work? You have 3 slots?

That drive station looks pretty sweet for $30.

@serr: Yah, you're full SSD, right, and obviously you take this stuff seriously. I had heard about the SSD/HDD thing some time ago, like when 128 GB units went for hundreds lol. It makes sense SSDs would have improved. But I thought I should ask. That being said, I think I am going to do the SSD/HDD at least to get things up and running, evaluate from there. M2s are actually crazy cheap it seems, unless I'm missing something, have the wrong one or whatever. Like here's a 500GB Crucial for $66:
But I'ma wait and get the machine and physically and visually confirm what I need. Like I see there's two incompatible formats, 1 notch and 2. Don't wanna ass-ume anything lol.

@reason: Oh, so there are different levels. I'm starting to feel more confident about that though, even this cheap one has a 5 year warranty, and I see in the comments someone asking about write issues to which they reply that you can write 200 TB to it which is >100 GB every day for 5 years. According to them. Which I realize a heavy user could exceed but I think it'd work for me.

Thanks guys! Good good stuff.
That Crucial drive is also QLC, same as the Intel. Anandtech has a good review:
I literally found out about it the day after my Intel arrived; for an extra $10 I'd have gotten it instead due to the extra ram, but oh well.

TLC and QLC refer to the way the cells are used - QLC requires more voltage to write a value, which damages the cell over time. This causes lower durability and slower writes as compared to TLC, but allows for higher density.

If you're concerned about durability, I'd go with a TLC drive. Depending on who you believe, the HP EX950 is rated for either 650TBW (Anandtech) or 1400TBW (Amazon), and 0.36 DWPD (Drive Writes Per Day) compared to the Crucial's 200TBW and 0.1 DWPD.

One note: M.2 refers to the physical form factor of the drive, NOT the connection type. That will be either NVME or SATA. The latter has slower throughput, although practically speaking, not significantly so.

If I were you I'd probably format the existing 2TB drive after getting your SSD up and running and use it for storage on the machine. Another option, as someone pointed out, would be to get an external case for it, which would also allow you to use it as a target when cloning your SSD for backup.

Originally Posted by GordonDavid
Just an FYI.... I am using three, 1-TB SSD with my WinXP for music and they are doing just fine. All are SeaGates. And yes, they will work with XP, even though they say in writing that they won't....
My understanding is that XP doesn't have the logic necessary to do wear-leveling, so it's possible that certain portions of the drive will go bad before others, depending on the firmware of the drive. Glad to hear you're experience is good, but it's not necessarily automatic or universal.
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