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Default SSDs for DAWs

So based on some very helpful advice I got in this thread:
I just bought a new laptop, arriving Wed. It has a 2 TB platter HDD. EVERYONE says I MUST get a SSD due to a HUGE perfomance increase. I believe them!

Any ideas on how to best do this?

My new lappy seems to support NVM, maybe even M2, I just saw some dude on YT install one in what seems to be my model (Dell 5770) in literally less than 5 minutes.

I only have one drive bay, plus the NVM/M2 slot. Should I keep the platter HDD at all? Lots of people seem to be full SSD. But last I heard SSDs had write cycle issues both as to sustained write performance and eventual failures, so you wanted to use SSD for the OS and critical installs, and have a platter HDD available for general mass storage and everyday I/O. Is this no longer the case?

What should I expect to pay? There seems to be a crazy wide range of units and pricing out there. I'd like to end up with no less than 1 TB total storage and spend no more than $200.

Thanks in advance!
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