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Originally Posted by Retro Audio Enthusiast View Post
Pro-tip: Actually it's more productive and less time-consuming to simply assume -18 is the optimal level than to concern yourself with mental lists of which is or isn't.
Not sure how pro that tip is.

The only people I've seen sticking to, or talking about, ITB gain staging "rules" are guys who make their living from making online tutorials, with few to no mixing credits on actual records.

Many of the big name mixers can be seen lighting up clip indicators all over their projects. Because it doesn't matter in a floating point audio engine.

The emulation plugin argument is kinda void too. Most of these plugins break up way before the hardware would, because consumers wouldn't think it was doing anything if it was as clean as the hardware, and they are just an effect anyway. Twiddle knobs until it sounds good, don't play "vintage studio simulator"... unless that's what gets you off of course, which is all fine.
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