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Originally Posted by Jack Winter View Post
I suggested that to Justin the other day, but he didn't agree, but you could always try to make a FR But then it would have to implement some kind of patching panel to see what is added to JACK after starting other jack clients, might get messy soon. I suspect that he's right in refusing that one.

But who knows, on the long term it might make sense and he will change opinion. Let's see what the future brings

I think if you enable 14 inputs in reaper you can use 1-2 & 13-14 to record. Don't know if there is a way to hide the useless ones from the system but I can try to find out if you are interested.

Can't you change the routing with envy24control?
I haven't installed the alsa-tools-gui yet. When I was trying a lot of distros out a month ago, I had it installed, but since I wasn't doing any recording with REAPER, I never put on this setup. Guess I will now and see what tricks it can do. Thanks for reminding me about that one.
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