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Originally Posted by Glennbo View Post
What would be nice is if REAPER had visibility of all the things that the patch panel in QjackCtrl can see. If I could within REAPER specify what sources are connected to what inputs in REAPER, I could eliminate QjackCtrl.
I suggested that to Justin the other day, but he didn't agree, but you could always try to make a FR But then it would have to implement some kind of patching panel to see what is added to JACK after starting other jack clients, might get messy soon. I suspect that he's right in refusing that one.

But who knows, on the long term it might make sense and he will change opinion. Let's see what the future brings

Still, all it take for me to record four channel drums is to fire up QjackCtrl, which starts jack, routes the signals the way then need to be, and launches REAPER. If I'm not recording drums, which is most of the time, I can just start up REAPER and it works just fine but only 2 channel rather than 4.
I think if you enable 14 inputs in reaper you can use 1-2 & 13-14 to record. Don't know if there is a way to hide the useless ones from the system but I can try to find out if you are interested.

Can't you change the routing with envy24control?
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