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Originally Posted by Jack Winter View Post
No it should not affect the routing of M2496 and M2496_1, it just defines the new playback and capture devices. But what I'm thinking is that they might be mapped differently. That's why I suggest to use one channel and try connecting it to the the ports on the other side one after another. It's maybe a bit tedious, but easy, you just select playback or capture 1, and then on the other side you select the ports one after the other and press connect. Hopefully you'll find it somewhere.

I've read that you can change this too, but that it would introduce more overhead, thus not be desirable. But all in all it's encouraging that it starts at all!
In REAPER, I only have Jack audio selected with 4 in and 4 outputs, but have no way to select what those inputs or outputs are. If I start Jack with a command in a terminal window, then it has control over the routing/patchbay in QjackCtrl, and only has system and REAPER displayed. It has the 4 first inputs and outputs from system going to and from the first 4 inputs and outputs of REAPER. I took a break from working ON the DAW last night to try doing some work WITH it, and was able to lay down four track drums by just letting QjackCtrl launch jack and then use it's routing matrix. Worked real well, and then I fired up REAPER by itself afterward, letting it launch jack and added some more parts using Kontakt.
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