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Originally Posted by Jack Winter View Post
Yes typo

How does the patchbay look when you use this new .asoundrc?

Possibly you could try to patch the output of reaper playing back on port 1 to the different system playback ports to see if you can get the 2nd card to output sound? Or vice versa to see if you can capture anything from the system capture ports with a mic connected to the 2nd card.
The .asoundrc file was present in the root of my home folder when I started up QjackCtrl, and seems to have no effect on the routing page of QjackCtrl. Should it?

Just to be sure, I renamed .asoundrc to .asoundrcXXX and compared the routing in QjackCtrl. Either way it always had the routing I setup in QjackCtrl.

The test I'm performing to see if the second card is being seen is with a REAPER project that is setup for 4 channel input with acoustic drums. I can tap on my kick drum and instantly see if the kick mic is getting through.

When I start REAPER using QjackCtrl tapping on the kick drum shows input is happening there, and some in the stereo overheads, and even a tiny bit in the snare mic.

Starting jack with,

/usr/bin/jackd -P80 -S -dalsa -C multi_capture -P multi_playback -r44100 -p64 -n2 -Xseq

shows the overheads picking up signal when I tap on the kick drum, but no signal coming from either the kick or snare mics, which are connected to the inputs of the second card.
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