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It's disconcerting that the command failed to execute without using pasuspender.. I thought PA was disabled on those 2 devices. Wonder if the same problem might be what breaks the .asoundrc..

I don't have much experience with PA and have tried to avoid it for a long time. But I can't keep fighting my distro forever and have started using it. It also appears the best way to bridge audio from the desktop to JACK. I haven't seen something like this on my own system, and really thought that such problems was something left in the past.

With JACK you'd have to use -dMulti, -dMulti.ctl would be referring to the mixer associated with the device, which in this case is just a hack and probably not needed at all.

Could you please try the .asoundrc again, and give me the console output of trying to run jack, including the command that you used?

If it fails then do "fuser -v /dev/snd/*". and add that too.
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