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Originally Posted by Glennbo View Post
Whoa, running produced a 3,755 line document. You didn't want me to post all of that here did you?
Nah, you could gist/pastebin it or so, and I'll download it and take a look. One problem is that I don't have enough information about your audio system, and if I have to ask you loads of questions we'll never get anywhere

I do know how it goes being determined to make stuff work though. My day gig before I retired at 60 was in IT and programming, and I was always the one who got the job of making difficult stuff work because I'd become consumed with it, thinking about it during dinner and while trying to go to sleep, but I'd always end up making it happen.
Yeah, well I think it's the only way to get things done If you give up then everything is lost..

I also worked a bit with software development, and then I had my own business as a system integrator. But finally I burnt out and didn't want to see another computer again. Nowadays I do something completely different to earn my daily bread, and playing with computers is just for fun. I like it better like that
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