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Ok I've found a few little things to improve in the update.

1) If you enlarge vertically a track, the button "para" appears on the meter of the envelope:

2) Why does the envelope lane have a meter?

3) If I have groups, the lines overlap with the peak indicator:

4) If I create a fairly complicated hierarchy, the track number and folder symbol almost overlap:

5) I know it's very unlikey but if I have a dense hierarchy and drag the tcp border to the left, I see this:

6) The Latch Preview text automation mode has too much stroke in my opinion. It's not as readable as "read", "latch", "touch" and "write"

7) The MCP meter is perhaps a bit too short? I mean, I like it short but maybe if you undock it and want the mixer full screen is a bit too short?

8) When a track is clipping the peak indicator has green numbers. I would use white numbers.

Sorry if I'm meticulous but it's just to make this theme look fabulous xD

Anyway, great improvements! I like the MCP master a lot!

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