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I just upgraded from a 480gb sata SSD to a 1tb nvme SSD. Boot time, from button press to usable desktop, went from about 45 seconds to about 30. I-6700, 16 GB RAM.

Boot time on my prior hardware was in the 6-7 minute range, although it was DDR2/socket 775 era. Still, any SSD makes an excellent improvement that you'll never want to go back on after you get it.

Cloning from the sata drive to the nvme drive was a bit of a pain, involving some errors that required googling and command line entries that I had to read off my phone. If you have bloatware, you may want to consider a clean install rather than a clone. Thats a different post.

Regarding durability, if that is a concern, you'll likely want a drive that uses TLC, or triple level cell, flash. The write cycles on these drives is good enough for 95 percent of users.

I believe HP has a TLC 1tb nvme for about $200.

I got one of the new Intel 660p drives that uses quad level cell flash, and it has 1/3 or maybe 1/2 the durability of the TLC drives. The main tradeoff is that it was <$120 including tax. I plan to upgrade again before it gets close to its limits.
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