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The SSD is literally the one significant system performance increase in the last 10 years whereas CPU speeds (on the high end machines) have plateaued. The HDD was the biggest bottleneck in the system.

Was the HDD a showstopper? No. And yes, you can still run projects with 100's of tracks from one.

Make your system drive a SSD. Everything else will get fast and instantaneous while you're serving that audio. You WILL notice the ability to seek instantly around the project no matter how many edits you're doing and with 96k audio and all that.

If you want mad storage on that laptop, I think someone makes a 4TB 2.5" HDD nowadays. (Continue to stay away from Seagate though.) You could put in whatever size SSD you need and want to spend on and then a large HDD for a data drive.
However, since you can get a 1TB SSD for $150 now, you might just want to keep it simple and just install that if that covers it. (If you do have a M.2 bay machine, those SSD's are going to be a little more expensive.)

There's no more risk with SSD's either. Some people like to run wild with worry because they heard the failure scenario can be more instantaneous vs HDD. They each have their fragile points. HDD's more so actually. If you don't back up your drives with clones... you know, why not just delete all your data right now and get it over with right?
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