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Originally Posted by brainwreck View Post
Thanks. I'll have to read back through the thread a bit when I have free time (about to head out) to see where you got those numbers from (192+206).
Connect a cable between an output and an input, add reainsert on a track, then press ping test. The plugin sends audio out and back in, and measures how late (or early) it is.

Ideally you should use this value to configure the extra latency on the recording page, otherwise newly recorded tracks won't be properly aligned with the tracks used for playback while recording.

To be really sure that it all lines up, insert a click source on one track and record it on another, then zoom in to the sample level to verify that they actually align.

All this is because Reaper doesn't know more than the buffer size and has no idea how much "hidden" latency overhead there is, things like time of the digital to analog conversion, hardware buffers in the soundcard, and extra overhead due to USB/FW.
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