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Originally Posted by Rivereto Esplorado View Post
Out of interest, Glennbo, do you have virMIDI entries when you type "aconnect -lo" in the command line?
Mine comes back with this.

client 14: 'Midi Through' [type=kernel]
0 'Midi Through Port-0'
client 24: 'Akai MPD26' [type=kernel,card=2]
0 'Akai MPD26 MIDI 1'
1 'Akai MPD26 MIDI 2'
client 28: 'UMC1820' [type=kernel,card=3]
0 'UMC1820 MIDI 1 '

Also, I keep my UMC1820 normally powered off and only power it up when I'm using it. Sometimes I'll forget to power it up, and REAPER will give me device error, but closing REAPER down, powering on the UMC1820 and re-launching REAPER always will connect fine.
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