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Default virMIDI, ALSA keyboard troubles fixed!

Often when I start Reaper, I do not have direct access to my MIDI keyboard by name (connected via MIDI cable to Behringer 204HD). Strange because every other DAW on my system (Ardour, Mixbus and Traktion) are still able to see it as "UMC204HD 192k MIDI 1". It takes reboot of my system to see it listed like that in Reaper again.

Today I discovered that if I "rmmod snd_virmidi" the direct MIDI device returns! Also, I could patch my 204HD midi through to one of the virmidi using aconnect if I really wanted and it then works in Reaper that way too. More of a pain than permanently disabling virmidi which I have now done via /etc/modules...

So, good news! I wonder why having virmidi confuses Reaper and not other DAWs?

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