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Originally Posted by pipelineaudio View Post
Gig performer is pretty incredible for standalone

Say, that does look good. It seems to be an evolution of a simple host I used to use, many years ago. (It had a different name, but the basic GUI looks identical.)

Having assignable soft-knows & sliders would vastly simplify things.

I'm wondering now if maybe I should try to use this, or mainstage, or some other stand-alone app, then route the output into Reaper digitally. If it works, it would offer at least 3 major benefits:

1: Easier routing of the external midi controller(s to specific parameters. (It can sometimes be tricky with Reaper.)

2: Much quicker access to the "pedalboard" GUI, since there would be an icon for it sitting at the bottom of my desktop.

3: I assume the host's GUI could take up my entire desktop, vs only part of it when using a vst-plugin host, so easier navigation.

I may give this a go, and see if Rearoute will do the deed. I don't really need to send sync or timing info, though that would be icing on the cake for delays & such.

For the hardware, it's looking more and more like a pedalboard + a tablet/iPad running something like Hexler TouchOSC.
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