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I actually bought a couple of nanokontrols with the intention of hacking them into some sort of pedalboard controller thing, but kind of never got around to it. I even set up a bunch of plugins and mapped the various faders and knobs and buttons so that it would work pretty much exactly like the analog pedalboard I was using, complete with “true bypass” feedback looper and a wah pedal that I don’t actually usually carry.

Honestly it was so long ago that the details are hazy. I remember I had built JS plugins to translate the CC inputs in various ways. For example, I had it so the wah would bypass when it went all the way to the toe position and probably scaled and maybe adjusted the taper of some of the others. I was able play the whole thing from the nanokontrol itself, but of course it was laid out all weird so remembering exactly which knob did what wasn’t easy. More importantly, you can’t really stomp on it to bypass things.

The idea was to take it apart, put it in a more robust enclosure, and then replace all the knobs, faders, and switches with stompbox-worthy components. Include a simple analog buffer with balanced output for the guitar itself and ideally have an expression pedal input for some if not all of the parameters. There are a lot of reasons that never happened, but I think mostly just that I already have a pedalboard that does what I want. It’s sort of still “on the list”, but way down toward the bottom.
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