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Originally Posted by MixMonkey View Post
So, in Folder 1a, ReplacesTheRestOfAXT.zon contains the widgets not contained in ReplacesMostOfAXT.zon and these widgets (in ReplacesTheRestOfAXT.zon) are the ones that will have parameters from OtherFX.zon and YetAnotherFX.zon mapped to them?

Is Folder1b a Drilldown for Folder1a?

Where do the navigators appear in this arrangement?

In MCU, what would a Folder2 contain?

Just trying to get a handle on it all
My bad, makin you work too hard

There is no meaning whatsoever to the fact that the ReplacesTheRestOfAXT.zon, OtherFX.zon, YetAnotherFX.zon are in the same folder.

Matter of fact the whole folder structure is just bullshit I made up to illustrate that it is wide open, anything can be stored anywhere, it's up to you -- however you want to organize it.

The only caveat is that the Zone names must be unique.

Sorry for the confusion, I was just trying (failing) to illustarate how wide open it is.

You could have ALL the .zon files in the main folder (e.g. MCU), with no subfolders at all, if you like.

It's all up to you -- that's what I like about it.
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