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Originally Posted by Geoff Waddington View Post
Yes, well... errr.. let's see, maybe not right now, but soon if it doesn't.

The first test cases for the plugins were on the Console 1 and the C4, those are working reasonably well, so right now is a great time to start thinking about how to approach the single channel flavour of controllers.

What would the dream Reaper integration of your your CMC-CH look like ?

Let's see how easy it is to build !
Oh Geoff, thanks so much for asking this.
Let's see. I'll try to explain it as transparent as possible.

Fader: works
Pan: works now! :P
Mute: works
Solo: works
Read Automation: works
Write Automation: works
Next/Previous Channel: works

"e"-Button: actually opens the Cubase channel strip, not available in Reaper. But I thought, it would be appropriate to open the FX Chain, because all plugins are listed in there. This comes the channel strip very close.
And it would be great, if the button LED would be turned on, if either the FX Chain is opened OR at least one floating plugin window of the selected channel (excluding VST instruments, see below).

Open VST instrument: would be great if this button could open all VST instruments of the selected channel and turn on the LED, when the plugin window is opened.

Toggle Bypass EQ: toggle bypass for all EQ plugins, or maybe only ReaEQ for a start?
Toggle Bypass Insert FX: toggle bypass all insert plugins, excluding ReaEQ or EQs and VST instruments
Toggle Bypass Sends: I think that's already possible? Not sure, though.

Monitor: change the different monitor modes, not sure if that's possible already? I can use Reaper 40495 (cycle track monitor), but this will not change the LED status accordingly.

That's all I can think of for now!

Concerning controlling plugins: that's what I would use my CMC-QC (quick controller) for! It has 8 Encoder (of the same kind as the Pan encoder of the CMC-CH). So, I guess I'm set with that one!
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