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Originally Posted by Geoff Waddington View Post
I agree, now Reaper only "jumps" when selected from surface -- much more intuitive.
This is much better Seems (to me) completely natural.

Just noticed a weird bug (I think it may have been in the previous build as well) When I scroll the screen mixer to a higher numbered track and select it, the surface scroll stops short by 8.

Say I open the session and track one is selected and I can see tracks 1-24 on the surface(s) If I scroll the mixer on screen to see Track 58 and select it, the surface will jump but the far right channel will be Track 50. If I then scroll the screen to see Track 96 and select it, the far right channel will be Track 88.

Now here's the weird thing, going the other way, say scrolling the screen to see Track 46 and selecting it, the surface will jump and put Track 46 far left- exactly what you want.

Banking and selecting tracks from the surface always scrolls the screen correctly- the selected track ends up far left (until the last of the tracks are on the surface, then it doesn't move)

One thing I just discovered is that you can stop the surface banking with the screen by de-selecting "Scroll view when tracks activated" in the menu in the bottom right hand corner of the master fader. With this de-selected you can scroll the TCP and MCP windows and select tracks without the surface moving- v.handy! Think of it a bit like the timeline scrolling, sometimes you want it to scroll, sometimes you don't.

Even with "Scroll view when tracks activated" de-selected, selecting a track on the surface will always scroll both the MCP and TCP. It would be good to be able to disable this temporarily- it's handy to be able to separate the editing window from the mixing surface so you don't 'lose your place' whilst editing tracks if you want to bank the surface and EQ something (which would require a track selection and therefore force the TCP to jump)

I'm less bothered about the MCP following the surface all the time, but options are always good
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