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Originally Posted by MixMonkey View Post
Works for me!

The only thing I would wonder about is whether anyone is going to have a problem with the mixer channel they've just selected (on screen) suddenly jumping to the far LHS (of the screen).

When the channel is selected from the surface, this behaviour (the screen jumping), seems completely normal (to me), but a little odd when the channel is selected from the screen.

If possible, it might be better if the screen only 'jumped' when the channel was selected from the surface. The surface (obviously) can always follow the screen.

Regardless of the above concern, this makes using the system much, much easier- thanks Geoff!

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New build is up:

I agree, now Reaper only "jumps" when selected from surface -- much more intuitive.

Also the vertical scroll is incorporated.

Note that the MCP and TCP only scroll if the track is visible.

If you had a surface following MCP and you selected track 9, the MCP would scroll, but the TCP would scroll only if track 9 was visible there too.

Might get a bit mind bendy from time to time

Let me know what you think.
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