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Originally Posted by MixMonkey View Post
Yep, I'm pretty much all set, thanks for taking the time to indulge me Is it ok to share the files I'm using with anyone who has a similar setup?
Not indulging you, the MCU/XT/C4 combo is a great testbed for most functionality, especially when added to the Avid Artist Mixes, Control and Softube Console 1 here, makes for a reasonably heterogeneous test sample

Also wanted to make sure folks in general have enough to play around with in a meaningful way, whilst I go off to the OSC Crusades and pray I don't run into the Knights Who Say Nicht !!

Originally Posted by MixMonkey View Post
One last thing (pauses for Geoff to stop groaning) Could you put in the piece of code that makes the screen bank in sympathy with the surface (and vice versa)? Then I promise to disappear and leave you in peace
Not sure what you mean here ?

Originally Posted by MixMonkey View Post
I don't think so, my C4.axt has just one line- TrackOnSelection MapFXToWidgets, so to make the C4 display the FX on the Send page I just need to include C4.axt in the Send page setup (I don't really need to make C4Send.axt, as it will be identical to C4.axt)

I think you maybe assumed I'd already done this, but I haven't (so carried away with seeing those sends appear on the faders!)
Yes, I did assume that, I was talking about the fxt folder which you would also have to reference, as stated, the same one used on the other Page would be fine, unless you wanted different behaviour.
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