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Originally Posted by Onlyone View Post

Been plowing through this thread. This is an excelent projekt! Exactly what I'v been looking for. Donation incomming!

I also have an X-Touch Compact and just started tinkering with CSI.

Regardning the Mute and Solo buttons I found a quirk. If I reverse the midi values it stays on and off but inverted (light is on when muted and of when unmuted).


Mute PressFB 80 10 00 90 10 7f (inversed order. light stay on/off following mute state)

Mute PressFB 90 10 7f 80 10 00 (Lights on as long as button is pressed then goes off)
Yeah that X-Touch Compact seems to be the knuckleball pitcher of control surfaces

I'm trying to see if I can borrow one locally and tackle it directly
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Installation / documentation / source
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