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Originally Posted by ringing phone View Post

So the first 45 seconds or so of this song I mixed...I believe I am actually getting this effect. Can anyone hear it?
Ummmmmm... yes and no? I don't hear the ringing phone per se, I do think you've maybe got some artifacting or just tracks competing up in that range. Tell me more about the instrumentation? I'm hearing an acoustic guitar with lots of attack, pick/string noise, and a shaker of some kind, sounds almost like a tambourine depending on what I'm listening on, kinda stepping on each other. I think I'd try to decide which one I most need in that range and lowpass the other out of it.

Good luck! Like the track, kinda Floyd-ish to me.

2nd thought: OK so it is a tambourine, yah? I let your channel run and I hear it on some of the other tracks. I think that's your problem, I'd just lose it, I don't think it really adds anything to the track and gives me almost instant ear fatigue. Lol. Sorry, excuse my opinionating. If you really love the tambo maybe a less busy part? Now if there's no tambourine on those tracks we both have a real problem...

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