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Originally Posted by aspiringSynthesisingAlch View Post
Mike, wow! That's the most impressive setup I've ever heard. 32GB RAM?!
I actually took out 2 of the 4 DIMMs a while ago so now it's "only" 16GB RAM (4x8GB DIMMs. All 4 sticks are identical, so if the installed DIMMs malfunction, I can pop in the other two. My orchestral template uses around 7GB for Kontakt's sample buffer. This is largely due to the Vienna Symphonic Library "performance legato" samples, which are quite large.

Originally Posted by aspiringSynthesisingAlch View Post
Do you have anything especially interesting and weird that you can share (composition or even better a video of setup?! for inspiration purposes )
I can go into great detail if you wish, but to start, one of the biggest strengths with REAPER's signal path is the ability to use Track Input FX. These sit between your hardware MIDI controller and the Media Item you record to, like so:

Using Track Input FX (FX recorded into Media Item):
[Hardware MIDI controller] =>
[Track Input FX] (pre Media Item) =>
[Media Item] = >
[Track FX] (Kontakt/VSTi)

Why is this useful? It ensures that MIDI filtering you perform ends up getting recorded directly into the Media Item, as opposed to reaching Kontakt/VSTis later, like in this example:

Using Media Item FX (FX NOT recorded into Media Item):
[Hardware MIDI controller] =>
[Media Item] =>
[Media Item FX] (post Media Item) =>
[Track FX] (post Media Item) =>
[Track FX] (Kontakt/VSTi)

In both of the above signal flow charts, the FX will reach Kontakt, but only in the top chart will the MIDI data be recorded directly into the Media Item.

Originally Posted by aspiringSynthesisingAlch View Post
Doesn't VSL's MIDI Router manage all of that? (are you supplementing or circumventing?)
Yes, but it only has 4 available MIDI ports. I sometimes use two instances of the VSL Performance Tool.exe (I just rename each instance. Both will run fine at the same time. I've gotten 4 instances to run at the same time with no problems.)

Originally Posted by aspiringSynthesisingAlch View Post
Still trying to get my head round all this MIDI performance data (correct chain for reaper w. VAC / loop30)

cool thread
What's VAC? A VSTi? In my case, I'm running 4 Kontakt instances, each with Instrument Banks loaded up with a bunch of VSL patches. I now use Bank/Program change entries in the MIDI Editor lane to change playing technique. This accomplishes two things:
1.) Much, much smaller track count (3 TCPs per-instrument now compared to 40 or so
2.)Much smaller Kontakt instance count (because of using Instrument Banks, instead of 1 channel per-patch.

All of this may sound too convoluted to bother with, but once everything is wired up and tested, it means you can load a very large amount of (orchestral) samples into your sampler with a consolidated track count.

I recommend these simple steps:
1.) Figure out what you want to do.
2.) Draw a signal diagram to connect everything together, starting from your hardware MIDI controller, all the way to your VSTi/sampler.

- Mike
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