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the ability to overlay a midi editor over a ghosted imaged of a wave form could be handy for alignment too, but i guess this would be part and parcel of multiple track editing? (the default option when audio and midi tracks are selected at once maybe?)

Not sure if I have mentioned this before but I use a block or measure based Arrange page in BPP which makes seeing and manipulating the various parts of a song dead easy.

Basically a rectangular matrix with individual tracks along the Up/Down axis and bars along the horizontal.
Select either one track or any combination in the usual way and you can cut copy drag and drop etc.
Also a facility to mark and name sections, so you can just name intro verse chorus bridge outro and shuffle as required.

Come to think of it, this would be ideal if you could also include the audio tracks in at the same time.
I suppose this doesnt need to be exclusively MIDI but damn it would revolutionise MY workflow.

(cue long drawn out arcane workaround suggestions) ((grin))
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