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Originally Posted by flmason View Post
Hi Shoyoninja, I'd simply argue that my analytical tooling doesn't have sufficient resolution to tell me the full story. If you can precisely define every charactaristic of a paint or a sound and then reconstruct to those parms, the results have to be identical.
I just told you they dont have the info you need, and also told you that the only thing that can do such task is the human hearing.

Its not about resolution, its about pattern recognition and psychoacoustics.

Reverse engineering this process is the first step into strong AI. What we have now isnt even close to the human perception capabilities.

You can follow a recipe if you have the all the ingredients. But what to do when one of them is not avaiable or is somewhat different? You have to adapt, and thats when a chief will taste it to know what to do next. His perception will be the tool, doing a chemical analysis of the stew will not let him know if it tastes as he planned.

In music, the human factor comes as an ingredient all the time. And thats what the "its on the fingers" thing means.
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