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Originally Posted by flmason View Post
Consider cooking, right? Loads of recipies out there that get reasonably close. Same for painting really. There's all kinds of techniques, paint formulas, projections, and so on. Even moreso in engineering.
yes, but there are followers of recipes and inventors of recipes. and if you always follow the same recipe, you always make the same meal.

me, as an artist, i try to make as much variety as possible. there's some similar things i like as well. but i like to do as much different as possible.

for me, i can see how trends are recognized, when you want to achieve x, do y. and i could see how you could notice that a cut at some frequency is often useful in certain cases.

but ya, on the other side of the coin, is that there are different cases and different situations, and every tune is slightly different.

so, you don't mix with your eyes, you need your ears, but the equipment is there and the visual aid is there, because the eye is a useful tool as well since when your ear recognizes a situation, or even if you have the foreknowledge that it will, your eye will help you get in the neighbourhood of what you want, and your ear takes you the rest of the way.

but me personally i never know the specific hz cause i never pay attention. i just know the visual neighbourhoods.

but i think that going visual is an indication that one has learn his tool well.

if i hear something, and i know, ok, i want x ratio and y attack, with z compressor, this means you know what your thing sounds like and you know numbers wise how to get it there. this means you know your tool. but the ear needs to be the final judge of course.

if not, we could have mixing software that would make mixes for us, but that can't happen. because that wouldn't be art. in order for it to be art there needs to be a mind that hears and decides a result. so following a recipe is not art. writing the recipe is. and knowing what peas and carrots taste like, and how blending them together will taste, and knowing when you want that taste, that's art. and in mixing that's knowing what a given effect will sound like with given settings, and then fine tuning to taste.

personally i'm still not fully at that stage, where i know all my stuff perfectly well, but i'm getting there.
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