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Originally Posted by yep View Post
To the degree that you are asking this question fairly, and in a true, open-ended, "can it be done?" sense, the answer is an unequivocal yes. Def Leppard's biggest records were made with a Rockman, which is about the crappiest amp-emulator money can buy by any sane measure. If you are hell-bent on proving that point of whether a cheap amp sim can produce decades worth of hit-song revenue, the answer is yes, and the coffin is nailed shut by that example alone. If a series of categorical multi-platinum classic guitar-rock albums can be made with a Rockman, then anyone with a POD has no excuses. Of course, they had Mutt Lange producing.

Nobody brags about using a POD, nobody puts that in their liner notes, but plenty of people have done it.

If you want proof-of-concept, there it is. End of story.
OK, point accepted.

Begs the questions... OK what does one do with a Rockman or POD a la studio methods to make them sound "commercial", "pro" or whatever adjective.

Probably not for this thread, as you've pointed out, this thread is about why your *recordings* sound like ass, not your *sounds*... except that they seem linked.

Yes, I'm asking it in an open ended and fair way. I simply want to know how the master "turd polishers" (humor intended) polish turds, LOL! At least where "tone", "timbre" whatever is concerned. As has been beaten to death, the performance still has to be there. (Though I maintain equipment response affects that greatly.)

I'm not hell bent on proving anything, but rather finding the truth. About the only "crusade" I'm on is to debunk some of the bumper sticker slogans. Especially the "It's all in the fingers" one, since decades of careful listening and A/B-ing, when time has permitted, tells me it just ain't so.

On the other hand, if someone can show me it *is* so, great, I'd be irrational not to change my belief. Given the genre's I chase after though, I don't think it can be shown.

Heck as reading what Tom Sholz had to say the other day. He mention there were up to eight guitar tracks at a time going on in some of his songs. Boston ain't got a "guitar section" so's it has to be in the studio. And we all know he designed his own stuff, such as said Rockman.

The belief coming into this thread was, guys like Mutt Lange, et. al. know how to morph the racquet that comes out of the gear we get at guitar center and make it sound like what's in the FM radio, and that said morphing occurs in the studio, in the tracking, mixing, and mastering phases.

Peace folks.

P.S. - The Sholz article/interview for reference:

Here's a revealing snippet for me:

"Back on those old recordings, there were a few times when I was able to get a rhythm sound that I liked, but, most of the time, I was going crazy with equalizers after the track had been recorded. I didn't get that under control until Walk On, when I used the Rockman system combined with Marshalls."

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