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Originally Posted by Nick Morris View Post
I want in on making this control surface.

I believe it would need to be modular, adding banks of faders, encoders, etc. 8 channels is enough to start and people are used to that number. If 8 isn't enough, add 8 more channels with another unit. Just add 8ch banks until you are satisfied.

All Reaper plugs should be automapped to the encoders. All 3rd party vst's need this too somehow.

Transport controls are a must, at least with what is on the transport in Reaper now.

an unlimited number of user defineable soft keys section for actions, editing functions through say 16 keys plus a bank key to get to the next set of 16 actions or functions.

A proper LCD to display all vital information.

Working now, I'll put more in shortly.
Sounds like the Mackie Control Units, but for them the software is already written and needs only a port to OSX and support for the extenders.
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