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Originally Posted by musicbynumbers View Post
was going to ask if the below situation could create a fade at the start and the end (as the picture shows) as right now your fade function does nothing in this situation. would you find that a useful addition?

It's greatfor certain edits in film fx etc..
Ah that's interesting! So basically, if the time selection is completely contained inside of an item, adjust the fade in and fade out so that any unselected area of the item is fading and only the selected area is preserved at the initial volume?

How would this behave here?

Would it obey what you've presented and just screw up that crossfade? Or would it behave differently depending on if that item on the right was selected or not...?

The other thing I was considering adding was if you place the edit cursor inside an item and that item is selected, create a fade in or fade out to the edit cursor depending on if the edit cursor is left or right of the center line in the item...

It just gets really really tricky getting all this behavior to work properly when you start adding in multiple selections and pre-existing crossfades! :/ But I really want it to do everything and be as complete as possible so I'll figure it out somehow
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