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That is a pretty high Latency, but then your not transmitting and still have the prob.
When it counts the first interval does the line increase correctly?

Also I'll throw out some other possible issues, do you share your internet?
If so does the router have QOS, does it make a difference with this on or off?
Are you connected wireless to your internet?
Do some speed tests online, try some here, you can select different locations, but also google speedtest and try some others, see what you max up and down is.
If your on Wireless aim the antenna's on pc and router towards each other.
Turn off firewalls and test (don't forget to turn them back on).
Don't setup routes in the router firewall for NINJAM when using as client only.
Try possibly putting your computer temporarily on a DMZ with in your router if you are going through one. But this leaves you bare on the net and I only recommend trying for test purpose, if it turns out it's ok on a DMZ it helps point to where the problem lies then how and what to fix.
Take yourself off the DMZ once tested.

If all this isn't working then I can always do a remote session with you using teamviewer, this doesn't need installing, meaning you stop the software and it no longer can be networked with.

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