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Originally Posted by nym View Post
i still don't understand why it's better for a fader to send midi volume instead of just control the volume of the outgoing audio.
Not that it's a big deal (it's not at all Nym) but this has been covered over and over, the reason or circumstance why. Try mixing a very large R&B or dance track on a Proteus 2000 or similar without a midi mixer. It can be done but like cutting your toenails with scissors, it's better to use nail clippers.

If you guys want I can record the audio of one of it's demo tracks, which uses only it's internal sounds and effects. I think you might be a little surprised at the result given that there won't be a single audio plugin (eq, comp, etc.) on it anywhere.

On the higher end, do you honestly think anyone using this would spend that kind of money only to replace it's sounds with VSTI's? Or might they have some stereo stems from there and be doing a good bit of submixing in midi?

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