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Originally Posted by BenK-msx View Post
hi, I know this is an old thread but is a useful one, just got my bcf to now bank and have feedback on >8 faders/tracks after i arrived at the half midi control half control surface method by trial and error, (then reading it here... could have saved some time there!)

this is directed at Flight mainly - im interested in that AHK script you use to initialize the banks via options-control surface etc. as this not happening spoils a nice setup.

am not sure if you have programmed mouse movements etc. and not being a master of AHK wonder if it were possible to post the script as that would be much appreciated. though i could eventually get there - but better if you could assist i guess!

cheers in any case for the pioneering stuff
Unfortunately, the script I was using became flaky over time (don't ask me how, seems to me it should just do the same thing over and over, but it doesn't. I suspect changes in Reaper updates are tripping things up but can't really see how).

I even re-did it a couple of times, but cannot get it to behave reliably, so I've pretty much just taken to a quick run through the banks initializing each manually when I change projects. Takes about fifteen seconds, and is a pain, but I don't have a working alternative.

You can try it by using the record function in AHK and then doing a little editing. Just record the steps used to do it manually. Once recorded you can just switch to each BCF bank and run it. If you have any better luck than I have, I'd love to see your script! Now that you've raised the issue, maybe I'll give it another shot in the next few days. If I succeed, I'll let you know and for sure share the script.

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