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Originally Posted by Regisfofo View Post
I think LBX smartknob script will do exactly what you want
Ah perfect, thank you, exactly what I was looking for!

Yeah as greymattre98 mentioned (and airon helpfully detailed above), CSI may be useful, but I think it needs to come to maturity and get a half-page summary of concise bullet the moment it's a little overwhelming. I literally just need plugin IDs saved

Originally Posted by airon View Post
IMHO Cockos should pay Geoff and/or someone else to do controller stuff a LOT, because it's one of Reapers less than stellar bits
^^This. Since moving to Reaper I've been able to do almost everything I could have ever wanted using things like Cycle Actions. For those few things I couldn't do, there's been an already-written script sitting in ReaPack. But controller functionality has been the rare exception - still some old-school basics that need addressing. Happy to see the community taking this on of course!
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