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CSI is likely the most clever way of setting this up. It has some kind of learn functionality as well, so you can set something up. I haven't used it though, because CSI is currently having its modifier bits improved, after which different types of encoders will be added. That's a necessity for me, as well as support for my controller track displays . Faderport 16. Geoff will get to it.

OSC apparently is in... not 100% on that. In all CSI is the future.

My workflow consists of using relatively static, identical sets of plugins and sends on each track. My approach so far is to assign midi and OSC control resources on a per-track basis.

EQ - midi encoders , compressor - midi encoders , deesser - midi encoders. All of these midi encoders are saved as "Default" mappings in the "Param" button menu in the FX window.

Send volume - actions bound to midi encoders. Send mutes - actions bound to midi note triggers. Plus, a page of large OSC faders and buttons via Lemur for send levels and mute. Mute buttons just trigger actions(thanks Cockos) so no state feedback there.

I have midi note triggers to toggle fx #1-5 visible or not. My FX Chain window is docked, so I mostly use fx that fit that space.

There are midi triggers that in turn trigger Lua scripts that change banks on my encoder units, so I can control the pre-compression eq, the post-comp eq, the send levels in a relative AND absolute manner (two midi encoder bindings to the same action), and one bank for whatever else.

I have two 16-knob units, one 8-knob unit, another 16-knob unit of a different kind, an OSC tablet and a 16-fader controller.

CSI is way better for this, but I can't use it for my encoders yet. IMHO Cockos should pay Geoff and/or someone else to do controller stuff a LOT, because it's one of Reapers less than stellar bits when it comes to out of the box support and innovation.

And that's it.

The LBX smartknob may be great for you though. Definitely give it a try. It did not do for me what I needed, but I'm hearing nothing but good feedback on it.
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